Network Libraries

NetSim Pro and Standard versions are available as technology libraries from which users can select and assemble per their needs.

Component No.

Networks / Protocols

Component 1
(Base required for all components)


Ethernet - Fast & Gigabit, ARP, Routing - RIP, OSPF, WLAN - 802.11 a / b / g / p / n / ac & e,
Propagation models - HATA Urban/ Suburban, COST 231 HATA urban / Suburban, Indoor Home / Office / Factory, Friis Free space, Log Distance.
Shadowing - Constant, Lognormal. Fading - Rayleigh, Nakagami
IPv4, Firewalls, Queuing - Round Robin, FIFO, Priority, WFQ,
TCP - Old Tahoe, Tahoe, Reno, New Reno, BIC, CUBIC, Window Scaling, SACK UDP

Common Modules:

Traffic Generator: Voice, Video, FTP, Database, HTTP, Email, P2P, Custom,
Virtual Network Stack,
Simulation Kernel,
Command Line Interface,
Metrics Engine with packet and event trace,
Plot Generator,
Packet Animator,
Packet Encryption,
External Interfaces: MATLAB Wireshark

Component 2

Legacy Networks:

Aloha (Pure & Slotted), CSMA/CD, Token Ring, Token Bus

Component 3

Advanced Routing: BGP, Multicast Routing - IGMP, PIM, Layer 3 Switch, Access Control Lists, NAT

Component 4

Advanced Wireless Networks:


Component 5

Cellular Networks:


Component 6
(Component 4 required)

Internet of things (IOT) Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) Personal Area Networks:


Component 7

Cognitive Radio Networks:


Component 8

Long-Term Evolution Networks:

LTE, LTE - Advanced

Component 9
(Component 4 Required)

Vehicular Adhoc Networks:

IEEE 1609 WAVE, Basic Safety Message(BSM) protocol per J2735 DSRC, Interface with SUMO for road traffic simulation

Network Emulator
Add On

Connect real hardware running live applications to NetSim Simulator

Military Radio
Add On
(Pro version only)

TDMA link 16, Dynamic TDMA, Frequencies - HF, VHF, UHF Bands