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How do the different versions of NetSim compare

   Features Academic Standard Pro
Technology Coverage Yes Yes Yes
Internetworks Yes Yes Yes
Legacy Networks Yes Yes Yes
Advanced Routing and Switching: Yes Yes Yes
SDN Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Adhoc Networks Yes Yes Yes
Cellular Networks Yes Yes Yes
Wireless Sensor Networks Yes Yes Yes
Internet of Things Yes Yes Yes
Zigbee Yes Yes Yes
Cognitive Radio Networks Yes Yes Yes
LTE/LTE-A Networks Yes Yes Yes
VANET No Yes Yes
5G NRmmWave No Yes Yes
Satellite Communication Networks No Yes Yes
TDMA Radio Networks (Add on): TDMA-Link16, HF, VHF, UHF Bands No No Yes
Emulator (Add on) Connect to real hardware running live applications No Yes Yes
Performance reporting Results dashboard with plots Yes Yes Yes
Packet Animator Used to animate packet flow in network Yes Yes Yes
Packet Trace Available in .csv format for easy post processing Yes Yes Yes
Event Trace Available in .csv format for easy post processing No Yes Yes
Protocol Source C Codes Protocol C source codes and appropriate header files with extensive documentation No Yes Yes
External Interfacing Interfacing with SUMO, MATLAB and Wireshark No Yes Yes
Integrated Debugging Users can write their own code, link their code to NetSim and debug using Visual Studio No Yes Yes
Dynamic Metrics Allows users to graph the values of parameter over simulation time Yes Yes Yes
Simulation Scale 100 Nodes
32/64 bit build
500 Nodes
32/64 bit build
10,000 Nodes
32/64 bit build
Custom Coding and Modelling Support No No Yes
Target Users and Segment Educational
(Lab Experimentation)
(Industry & Defence)