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New Release

NetSim v14.1

Network Simulator

Trusted by 400+ organizations across 25+ countries

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5G: MIMO, Beamforming, mmWave Propagation, SA / NSA modes, and more
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Military Communications
Military Communications: TDMA, DTDMA, Link 16 over HF, VHF, UHF, L-Band, S-Band, and more
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Emulator: Connect NetSim simulator to real hardware running live applications
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Intelligent Network Design

NetSim Professional

  • Network capacity and growth studies
  • Analyze network performance without spending on physical equipment
  • Machine Learning with NetSim
  • Govt users: Military, Defence, Space, Telecom regulators
  • Enterprise users: Telecom 5G, Critical Infrastructure, Autonomous Vehicles, Equipment Manufacturers

Accelerate Network R&D

NetSim Standard

  • For R & D in Universities
  • Comes with protocol source C Code
  • Develop and simulate your own protocols and algorithms
  • Debug in Runtime and "watch" all variables
  • Interface with external tools like MATLAB, SUMO, Wireshark etc.
  • Heavy on features; light on price

Network Lab on your Desktop

NetSim Academic

  • For online courses and network lab experimentation at universities
  • TCP / IP, Ethernet, Routing, Wi-Fi, MANET, IOT, LTE, WSN … and more
  • Well designed experiment manual with 45+ labs covering the latest technologies
  • Packet Animation for visual understanding
  • Deeply discounted pricing