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Technology Libraries

NetSim Pro and Standard versions are available as technology libraries from which users can select and assemble per their needs.

Component No.

Networks / Protocols

Component 1
(Base. This is required for all
other components to run)


Ethernet - Fast & Gigabit, ARP, Routing - RIP, OSPF
WLAN - 802.11 a / b / g / p / n / ac & e, Minstrel Rate Adaptation Algorithm
Propagation models - HATA Urban/ Suburban, COST 231 HATA urban / Suburban, Indoor Home / Office / Factory, Friis Free space, Log Distance.
Shadowing - Constant, Lognormal. Fading - Rayleigh, Nakagami
IPv4,Firewalls, Queuing - Round Robin, FIFO, Priority, WFQ,
TCP - Old Tahoe, Tahoe, Reno, New Reno, BIC, CUBIC, Window Scaling, SACK UDP

Common Modules:

Traffic Generator: Voice, Video, FTP, Database, HTTP, Email, P2P, Custom, COAP
Virtual Network Stack,
Simulation Kernel,
Command Line Interface,
Metrics Engine with packet and event trace,
Plot Generator,
Packet Animator,
Packet Encryption,
External Interfaces: MATLAB® Wireshark, SUMO

Component 2

Legacy Networks:

Pure Aloha, Slotted Aloha, CDMA, GSM

Component 3

Advanced Routing and Switching: VLAN, Multicast Routing - IGMP, PIM, Layer 3 Switch, Access Control Lists, NAT

Component 4

Mobile Adhoc Networks:

MANET - DSR, AODV, OLSR, ZRP. Single and Multiple MANETs

Component 5

Software Defined Networks:

Openflow v1.3 compatible

Component 6
(Component 4 required)

Internet of things: IoT with AODV and RPL Protocols
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)
Personal Area Networks - ZigBee

Component 7

Cognitive Radio Networks:

WRAN IEEE 802.22

Component 8

Long-Term Evolution Networks:

Based on 3GPP 36 series

Component 9
(Component 4 Required)

Vehicular Adhoc Networks:

IEEE 1609 WAVE, Basic Safety Message(BSM) protocol per J2735 DSRC, Interface with SUMO for road traffic simulation

Component 10
(Component 3 and Component 8 Required)

5G NR mmWave:

3GPP 38 Series. Full Stack covering SDAP, PDCP, RLC - UM, TM, MAC, PHY - FR1 and FR2, mmWave propagation

Component 11
(Component 3 required)

Satellite Communication Networks:

Geo Stationary Satellite. Forward link TDMA in Ku Band and Return link MF-TDMA in Ka band per DVB S2. Markov Loo Fading model. Device models for Satellite, Satellite Gateway, and Satellite User Terminals

Component 12
(Component 2 & 3 required)

Underwater Acoustic Networks (UWAN)

Acoustic PHY Model, Propagation based on speed of sound, Thorp propagation (temperature, depth, salinity), Slotted ALOHA in MAC, UDP in L4, Underwater sensor application

Network Emulator
Add On

Network Emulator: Connect real hardware running live applications to NetSim Simulator.

Advanced 5G
Add On
(Component 10 required)

Advanced 5G
Interference – Downlink and Uplink, Block error (BLER), Outer loop link adaptation (OLLA)

TDMA Radio Networks
Add On

TDMA Radio Networks: TDMA link 16, Dynamic TDMA, Frequencies - HF, VHF, UHF Bands, Frequency Hopping