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Technology Libraries

NetSim Pro and Standard versions are available as technology libraries from which users can select and assemble per their needs.

Component No.

Networks / Protocols

Component 1
(Base. This is required for all
other components to run)


Ethernet - Fast & Gigabit, ARP, Routing - RIP, OSPF
WLAN - 802.11 a / b / g / p / n / ac & e, Minstrel Rate Adaptation Algorithm
Propagation models - HATA Urban/ Suburban, COST 231 HATA urban / Suburban, Indoor Home / Office / Factory, Friis Free space, Log Distance.
Shadowing - Constant, Lognormal. Fading - Rayleigh, Nakagami
IPv4,Firewalls, Queuing - Round Robin, FIFO, Priority, WFQ,
TCP - Old Tahoe, Tahoe, Reno, New Reno, BIC, CUBIC, Window Scaling, SACK UDP

Common Modules:

Traffic Generator: Voice, Video, FTP, Database, HTTP, Email, P2P, Custom, COAP
Virtual Network Stack,
Simulation Kernel,
Command Line Interface,
Metrics Engine with packet and event trace,
Plot Generator,
Packet Animator,
Packet Encryption,
External Interfaces: MATLAB® Wireshark, SUMO

Component 2

Legacy Networks:

Pure Aloha, Slotted Aloha, CDMA, GSM

Component 3

Advanced Routing and Switching: VLAN, Multicast Routing - IGMP, PIM, Layer 3 Switch, Access Control Lists, NAT

Component 4

Mobile Adhoc Networks:

MANET - DSR, AODV, OLSR, ZRP. Single and Multiple MANETs

Component 5

Software Defined Networks:

Openflow v1.3 compatible

Component 6
(Component 4 required)

Internet of things: IoT with AODV and RPL Protocols
Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN)
Personal Area Networks - ZigBee

Component 7

Cognitive Radio Networks:

WRAN IEEE 802.22

Component 8

Long-Term Evolution Networks:

Based on 3GPP 36 series

Component 9
(Component 4 Required)

Vehicular Adhoc Networks:

IEEE 1609 WAVE, Basic Safety Message(BSM) protocol per J2735 DSRC, Interface with SUMO for road traffic simulation

Component 10
(Component 3 and Component 8 Required)

5G NR mmWave:

3GPP 38 Series. Full Stack covering SDAP, PDCP, RLC - UM, TM, MAC, PHY - FR1 and FR2, mmWave propagation

Component 11
(Component 3 required)

Satellite Communication Networks:

Geo Stationary Satellite. Forward link TDMA in Ku Band and Return link MF-TDMA in Ka band per DVB S2. Markov Loo Fading model. Device models for Satellite, Satellite Gateway, and Satellite User Terminals

Network Emulator
Add On

Network Emulator: Connect real hardware running live applications to NetSim Simulator.

TDMA Radio Networks
Add On

TDMA Radio Networks: TDMA link 16, Dynamic TDMA, Frequencies - HF, VHF, UHF Bands, Frequency Hopping