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File Exchange

NetSim File Exchange is an online platform that provides access to a wide range of user-contributed NetSim projects, code, and documentation. All the projects below have been verified by the NetSim R&D team. EDU users can accelerate their R & D utilizing the code available - it can help solve complex problems, save time, and streamline workflows. All these resources are freely available to licensed NetSim users.

Want to contribute? Email your NetSim project code with documentation to support(at)tetcos(dot)com. Our team will review it and get back.

NetSim v13.3

(Feb. 2023) - "Currently Shipping"

NetSim v13.2

(Oct. 2022) - "Previously Shipping"

Note: These are projects designed for Edu Users.

NetSim v13.1

(Dec. 2021)

NetSim v13

(April 2021)

NetSim v12.1/v12.2

(March / September 2020)

NetSim v12

(September 2019)

NetSim v11.1

(Mar. 2019)

NetSim v11.0

(Oct. 2018)

NetSim v10.2
(Feb. 2018)

NetSim v10.1

(Dec. 2017)

NetSim v10

(June 2017)

NetSim v9.1

(Aug 2016)

NetSim v9
(Feb 2016)

NetSim v8.3

(June 2015)