Configuring One SDN Controller in a Simple

The Internetwork model in this example consists of the following configuration:

  1. A subnet with 2 wired nodes, 3 routers, and a unicast application running on one of the wired nodes.
  2. Only one router is configured as the SDN controller.
  3. Open Flow protocol is enabled on all wired nodes and routers.
  4. A unicast application is set between Wired_Node_1 to Wired_Node_2.
  5. Set Transport Protocol to TCP in Application icon present in the top ribbon/toolbar.
  6. Simulation time is set to 500 seconds.
  7. Plots, Packet trace, and Event trace logs are enabled.

To simulate the example for One SDN controller in an Internetwork:
Open NetSim and Select Examples > Software Defined Networks > Configuring SDN > SDN Internetworks then click on the tile in the middle panel to load the example as shown in below


The following network diagram illustrates what the NetSim UI displays when you open the example configuration file for SDN as shown below Figure


  1. In the application layer of the SDN Controller node:
    a. SDN_Controller option set to TRUE.
    b. Open_Flow protocol is enabled. The following image illustrates the settings done in the SDN controller device: Figure3-3
  2. In the other devices (Routers and wired node) that are part of the network,
    a. SDN_Controller option is set to FALSE.
    b. SDN_Controller_DeviceName is set as “SDN_Controller” which is the name of the controller node.
    c. Open_Flow protocol is enabled.
    The following image illustrates settings done in the other devices: Figure3-4
    The following table lists the settings done in all the devices that are part of the network

    Device Name Open_Flow SDN_Controller SDN_Controller_DeviceName
    Wired_Node_1 Enable FALSE SDN_Controller
    Router_3 Enable FALSE SDN_Controller
    SDN_Controller Enable TRUE NA
    Router_5 Enable FALSE SDN_Controller
    Wired_Node_2 Enable FALSE SDN_Controller
  3. Click on the Application icon present in the top ribbon/toolbar. a. CBR Application from Wired Node 1 to Wired Node 2 with 50 Mbps Generation Rate (Packet Size: 1460Bytes, Inter Arrival Time: 233.6µs).
    b. Set Transport Protocol to TCP.

  4. Simulate the example. To do so:
    a. Click on the Run. The Run Simulation pop-up window appears.
    b. Simulation time is set to 500 Seconds.
    c. In the Run time Interaction tab, Interactive Simulation option is set to True.
    d. Click Accept.
    e. Click OK.
    Simulation (NetSimCore.exe) starts to run. NetSimCore.exe displays the following message: waiting for first client to connect. Figure3-5
  5. To use the SDN CLI Console:
    a. Right-click SDN_Controller and select NetSim Console. Now, the client (NetSimCLI.exe) starts and attempts to establish a connection with NetSimCore.exe.
    The following image illustrates the NetSim CLI console. Figure3-6
    b. Use this console to execute SDN commands.