File Transfer using FileZilla (One way)


Steps at Destination PC#

  1. Follow steps as provided before in “Emulation Set-up: Setting up the NetSim Client”.
    Run FileZilla Server software. Create a group by going to Edit → Groups → Select “General” under Page: → Click Add in Groups → Give Any Name (Ex: Admin) and click ok.
  2. Go to Edit → User → General → Click Add in User → Give Any Name (Ex: User1) and Select Group what you given in Group Setting (In this case, we provide “Admin”) and click ok. Figure4-20
  3. In Account Setting, select Enable account and set password and click ok. Figure4-21
  4. Go to Shared folder → Add Folder to share (EX: FTP_FILES from Desktop) → Select all the Files and Directories Permissions and set that folder as Home Directory by selecting “Set as Home Dir”. Click OK Figure4-22

Steps at Source PC#

Follow steps as provided before in “Emulation Set-up: Setting up the NetSim Client”. Run FileZilla Client software. Enter the Host Name(Server System ip (EX: and Give the User, Password that we created in Server side and give Port No = 21. Run Emulation server and click Quick Connect. Drag and drop files from Local Site to Remote Site

Steps at NetSim Emulation Server#

  1. Run NetSim in Administrative Mode and create a basic network Scenario in any stack-based protocol (Any network except Legacy Networks, Cellular Networks, and Wireless Sensor Networks) in NetSim. A sample scenario in Internetworks is performed as shown with link speed set to 1 Mbps. Figure4-23
    • Click on the Application icon present on the ribbon and set properties.
    • In the Application Type select Emulation.
    • Select Source and Destination ID according to the network scenario and change the Source and Destination IP address according to the IP Address of the real system and click OK. Figure4-24
  2. Provide the Simulation Time as how long you want the Emulation to be performed. Make sure client system(s) are ready and then click Run Simulation.


Transfer speed from client without emulation


Transfer speed from client with emulation: