Network Libraries

NetSim Pro and Standard versions are available as technology libraries from which users can select and assemble per their needs.

Component No.

Networks / Protocols

Component 1
(Base required for all components)


Ethernet - Fast & Gigabit, ARP, Routing - RIP, OSPF, WLAN - 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac & e, Propagation models - Free space, Log-normal Shadowing, Rayleigh Fading, IPv4, Firewalls, Queuing - Round Robin, FIFO, Priority, WFQ, TCP, UDP

Common Modules:

Traffic Generator: Voice, Video, FTP, Database, HTTP, Email, Peer-to-peer and Custom.
Virtual Network Stack
Simulation Kernel
Command Line Interface
Metrics Engine with packet and event trace
Packet Animator
Packet Encryption

Component 2

Legacy Networks:

Aloha (Pure & Slotted), CSMA/CD, Token Ring, Token Bus

Component 3

BGP Networks

Component 4

Advanced Wireless Networks:

Wi-Max, MANET and VANET (VANET is available only in Pro and Std versions)

Component 5

Cellular Networks:


Component 6
(Component 4 required)

Internet of things (IOT) Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) Personal Area Networks:


Component 7

Cognitive Radio Networks:


Component 8

Long-Term Evolution Networks:

LTE, LTE - Advanced

Component 9
(Pro version only)

Military Radio:

TDMA link 16, Dynamic TDMA, Frequencies - HF, VHF, UHF Bands

Add On

Network Emulator-

Connect real hardware running live applications to NetSim Simulator