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NetSim v10.1
(Currently Shipping, Dec 17)

Release Highlights

New Technologies

  • Virtual LAN (VLAN) Protocol per IEEE 802.1Q
    • VLAN Tagging, VLAN ID and VLAN Name
    • Access and Trunk Ports
    • Inter VLAN routing
    • VLAN Configuration through GUI or Text file
  • Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) per RFC 2236
    • IGMP Message - Query, Report
    • Host State Machine and Router State Machine
  • IP Multicasting
    • Host extensions for IP multicasting per RFC 1112
    • IP route tables based on multicast application in host
    • IP route tables changed as per matched bit count
  • Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM), Sparse mode per RFC 7761
    • Shortest Path Tree
    • (*, G) State
    • (S, G) State
    • Designated Router Election
    • Hello Timer, Join Expiry Timer
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) and Public IP
    • Public IP of Host from WAN Router
  • Detailed L3 Switch Model
    • Switching Techniques
    • Spanning tree protocol and multiple spanning tree instances per switch
    • Unicast, Broadcast and Multicast switching
    • Promiscuous mode

Network Emulator Enhancements

  • NetSim emulator can now interface with Raspberry PI devices
  • Multicast Emulation Support
  • Broadcast Emulation Support

Product Improvements

  • Redesigned home screen and results screen
  • Access Control Lists in Switches - Inbound, Outbound, Deny, Permit
  • Updated Carrier Aggregation per Rel 14 in LTE-Advanced
  • Multicast Application Modeling
  • Configuration of static IP table through the GUI
  • Packet trace additionally logs IP address of Source, Destination, Next Hope and Gateway
  • Export of results to XL/.CSV
  • Silent install capability
  • Support for Visual Studio 2015 and 2017


NetSim v10
(Last Released Version, June 17)

Release Highlights

  • The Road to 5G - Simulation of LTE covering
    • LTE Advanced
    • LTE Device to Device (D2D)
    • LTE Femto Cell
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems — Simulation of Vehicular Adhoc Networks (VANETs) covering
    • IEEE 1609 WAVE
    • Basic Safety Message (BSM) Protocol as per standard J2735 Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Message Set Dictionary
    • Interface with SUMO for Road Traffic Simulation using TraCI API's
  • Accelerate IOT Research - World's only simulator to feature RPL protocol for IOT
    • Routing Protocol for low power and lossy links (RPL) per RFC 6650
  • Updated RF Propagation Models
    • Path Loss
      • Friis Free Space Propagation
      • Log Distance
      • HATA Suburban, HATA Urban
      • COST 231 HATA Suburban, COST 231 HATA Urban
      • Indoor Office, Indoor Factory, Indoor Home
    • Shadowing Models: Constant, Lognormal
    • Fading Models: Rayleigh, Nakagami
  • TCP enhancements - Optimized congestion control algorithms for high bandwidth networks
    • BIC
    • CUBIC (used in the latest linux kernel)
  • Integrated Analytics and Visualization
    • In-built plots for link & applications throughputs
    • Graph formatting - layout, colors, axes, zoom etc
    • Pivot table operations on packet trace


NetSim v9.1 (Released, Aug 16)

Release Highlights

New Technologies and Applications

  • Simulation of LTE-Advanced (4.5G) featuring
    • Carrier Aggregation
    • Enhanced use of Multi antenna techniques - SU MIMO and MU MIMO
    • Relay Nodes
  • NetSim - MATLAB interfacing: New applications
    • Modeling and simulation of the sensing of real world parameters and their communication to the sink
    • Dynamic clustering in low power WSNs
  • Minstrel rate adaptation algorithm in 802.11 a/ b / g and Minstrel HT for 802.11 n / ac
  • Packet animation along with detailed packet information for better visualization and debugging
  • Automatic interfacing of NetSim with SUMO for VANET simulations

Enhanced Graphical User Interface

  • Display Radio Range to visualize the communication range of wireless devices
  • Brand new icons
  • Users can save before & after simulation (only after simulation was possible till v9)
  • Application naming to track the flow of packets through the network
  • Increased color and graphing options in analytics


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