NetSim Help Centre

Engineers and researchers worldwide use NetSim to analyze and design communication networks.

NetSim GUI makes it easy to model and visualize networks; built-in graphics help gain insights from output results. NetSim ships with protocol source C code which can be modified by users to write their own algorithms.

NetSim's technology libraries and utilities are all rigorously tested and designed to work together.

NetSim v13.3 Documentation. Older versions documentation (PDF format) can be found here.

Technology Libraries#

HTML (Compoment wise below) PDF Format
(C1) Internetworks
(C2) Legacy Networks
(C3) Advanced Routing
(C4) Mobile Adhoc Networks
(C5) Software Defined Networks
(C6) IoT-WSN
(C7) Cognitive Radio Networks
(C8) LTE
(C9) Vehicular Adhoc Networks
(C10) 5G NR
(C11) Satellite Communication Network
(C12) Underwater Acoustic Networks
(Add On) Network Emulator

NetSim User Manual#

HTML (Chapter wise below) PDF Format
01. NetSim-Introduction

PDF is a single document covering all chapters
02. Installation-and-License-Server-Setup
03. NetSim-GUI
04. Workspaces-and-Experiments
05. Simulating-different-networks-in-NetSim
06. Applications-(Network-Traffic-Generator)
07. Running-Simulation-via-Command-Line-Interface
08. Outputs--Results-Plots-and-Data-Files
09. Writing-Custom-Code-in-NetSim
10. Advanced-Features
11. NetSim-Emulator
12. Troubleshooting-in-NetSim

Additional Resources#