Importing a simple VANET scenario from SUMO

Open NetSim and Select Examples > VANETs > Simple Scenario then click on the tile in the middle panel to load the example as shown in below screenshot

Graphical user interface, application Description automatically generated

Figure 4‑1: List of scenarios for the example of Simple Scenario

This scenario involves a simple road traffic network scenario as shown below:

Figure 4‑2: Network topology in Sumo

An equivalent network is created in NetSim by importing the SUMO configuration file. In NetSim the TCP/IP stack parameters of the devices are configured along with network traffic between vehicles.

Figure 4‑3: Network scenario after importing into NetSim and configuring application traffic

After running the simulation, NetSim Animation can be used to visualize packet flow and vehicle mobility along with packet information. Time varying throughput plot can be opened from the Results window.

Figure 4‑4: Packet animation window and link throughput plot

Simulation results dashboard provides the performance metrics of protocols running in different layers of the network stack of the devices.

Figure 4‑5: Result Dashboard