The “Virtual” Network Stack in NetSim v7

The Network stack is an implementation of the computer networking protocol suite. NetSim v7 features a virtual implementation of the protocol stack thereby providing closer to real world modeling and analysis capability.
The stack is a five layer TCP/IP design, with modularized IN and OUT events for layered protocol implementation, and a set of clean and well organized interfaces. The network stack also features in-built config file parser, error handler, config error logger, memory manager and metrics module.
NetSim’s virtual stack interfaces with network protocols which are modeled as Finite State Machines (FSM) and the simulation kernel which is a discrete event engine accelerated by a heuristic algorithm.NetSim v7 stack features application programming interfaces at multiple points for custom code development:

  • Network stack API’s – for designing new layers and for cross layer optimization
  • Metrics API’s – for developing new statistical measures
Apart from these API’s, protocol source code is available for designing custom protocols or extending standards-based protocols.