Machine learning for 5G networks using NetSim

Generate synthetic data that’s as good, or even better than the data you have. Or don’t have.

Machine Learning: Real vs. synthetic data

Machine learning algorithms need ever-increasing amounts of data for training and testing.

The problems with real data are that it:

  • Can be difficult and expensive to collect. This is particularly true for data that is complex or specialized
  • Is time-consuming to label. This process also requires expert knowledge which comes at a high cost.
  • May contain sensitive or confidential information
  • Is often unbalanced; it may not contain enough examples of certain classes or phenomena

On the other hand, synthetic data can be:

  • Generated at very low cost and in vast quantities
  • Perfectly labeled, and hence directly used to train neural nets
  • Generated to represent a wide variety of scenarios and edge cases, which can help to improve the robustness and generalizability of machine learning models.
  • Created to be free of sensitive or confidential information

NetSim Network Simulator

NetSim is used for modeling, simulating, and analyzing a wide range of communication networks. It covers a wide range of technologies (, networking scenarios, and edge cases. Shipped along with our automated utilities ( for scenario generation and execution can generate large amounts of data in the form of CSV files.

NetSim 5G Data Logs/Files for Machine learning

NetSim Simulation Data

The output results and data files generated by NetSim include:

  • Performance Metrics
    • Instantaneous and average throughputs for each link and each application
    • Buffer occupancy vs. time at source and intermediate devices
    • TCP congestion window vs. Time at End each UE and remote Server
  • Packet trace
    • 30+ parameters for every packet as it flows through the network. These include arrival times, queuing times, departure times, payload, overhead, errors, collisions, etc
  • Radio measurements
    • SINR, Pathloss, Shadowing, Fast fading, LOS/NLOS states, O2I Loss, MCS, CQI, BS-UE distances, UE-gNB association.
  • Radio resource allocation
    • Buffer fill (queue size), scheduling metric, PRBs allocated

Users regularly generate data files that reach up to 10 million rows per simulation. Special cases touch 100 million rows.

Our customers: NetSim is used by 500+ organizations across 25+ countries. Top-tier cellular service providers (CSPs) and 5G equipment manufacturers use NetSim to generate synthetic data to train their machine-learning algorithms.


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