Access NetSim from home via our cloud servers

What is the NetSim Cloud?

NetSim cloud is a hosted managed license server provided by Tetcos (developers of NetSim) to customers. There is no need for customers to any longer manage Dongles, MAC IDs, and other issues related to license servers.
In NetSim cloud, Tetcos’ manages the set of license server hosts which run the license server processes for our customers. It is a pure license-as-a-service offering, and there is no license server for customers to install.

How does it work?

You will receive a secure FTP download link for NetSim and a single license file. Each user of NetSim at your organization must download NetSim software and the license file. This is a common license file for all users.

Once NetSim is installed users just need to place the license file in the install directory of NetSim. Internet connectivity is required throughout the period of time users run NetSim.
The maximum number of simultaneous users is limited by the number of licenses purchased.

Can customers view their organization’s user’s license usage?

NetSim includes a Customer Portal to allow your customers to view their own licenses and servers associated with their organization.

How do I control access to NetSim?

The NetSim cloud portal provides customers with an option to edit the options file associated with any of their license servers. Options are provided to either allow (INCLUDE or INCLUDEALL) or disallow (EXCLUDE or EXCLUDEALL). INCLUDE or EXCLUDE can be done based on user, host, group, or IP address.

What happens if my organization’s users do not have internet connectivity?

In this case, you should plan to deploy a normal on-premises NetSim license server. Your software works completely locally if you desire.

Customers must choose prior to deployment, either cloud or on-premise license server option.