NetSim v7 — Batch Processing

NetSim batch processing allows users to execute of a series of simulations without manual intervention.

Consider the example, where a user wishes to create and simulate thousands of network scenarios and store and analyze the performance metrics of each simulation run. It is impossible to do this manually using the GUI. However, this can be done by writing a batch processing program which runs NetSim via CLI.

An example C program for batch processing of NetSim is available with us and existing customers of NetSim v7 can write to us for a copy. This batch program can be customized by users as desired.

Given below are important sections of the source code of this batch program.

#define apppath “C:\\Program Files (x86)\\NetSim pro7\\bin” // change to your app path
#define iopath “F:\\NetSim_Batch_Processing”                   // change to your IO Path
#define license “5053@”                             // change to where your license server is running

main ( )
{// iterate from MIN to MAX for all of the devices to create configuration files
If { /* If certain network validation conditions are not met write the name of configuration file to                           NetSim_Batch_Log.txt. This file contains all the config files that did not meet the
necessary validation conditions and were not created during the batch execution */
Else {
//Create configuration file

      } // End of creation of all config files

Create batch file RunAll.bat
// Loop over number of configuration files, call NetSim executable which will write the output files
Run the batch file RunAll.bat
} // Main end