TETCOS Releases NetSim v7

TETCOS is pleased to announce the latest release of Network Simulation Software, NetSim v7, which comes with several exciting features including:

  • Cognitive Radio per IEEE 802.22
    • MAC Layer Control plane: TDD, Super Frame, DS-MAP, US-MAP, BW Request, Quiet Period, and Normal mode operation
    • MAC Layer Cognitive plane: Spectrum manager, Spectrum sensing function, Spectrum sensing automaton, Channel Modes
    • PHY layer: OFDMA
    • Incumbent model with incumbent detection and channel switching
  • Internetworks with combined LAN, WAN and Wireless modeling
    • Phy channel models with pathloss shadowing & fading, Power models and BER models in L1
    • Ethernet Switching, WLAN (802.11 a, b and g) in L2
    • IP, Queue Scheduling in L3
    • TCP, UDP in L4
    • RIP, OSPF Routing modules with Video, Voice, FTP, DB and Custom Traffic in L5
  • NetSim Command Line Interface (CLI)
    • Use a more concise and powerful means of control
    • Run batch simulations with automated scripts
    • Model via xml based config fil

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Network Stack

NetSim v7 features a virtual implementation of the protocol stack thereby providing closer to real world modeling and analysis capability. The network stack features an in-built config file parser, error handler, config error logger, memory manager, metrics module and modularized in IN and OUT events for layered protocol implementation.

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Please contact us for more information about functionality or pricing, or to arrange a demonstration.e