TETCOS Releases NetSim v 6.2

TETCOS is pleased to announce the latest release of Network Simulation Software, NetSim ver 6.2, which comes with several new and exciting features. Given below is a quick snapshot:

All new license roaming

Increasingly, users want to take their work “on the road.” NetSim now provides built-in license roaming capability allowing users to check out a license from a server, physically disconnect from the server and continue to use the license for a period of 24 hours after which the license is automatically returned to the server when it expires on the mobile computer.

Additional platforms and java language support

v 6.2 has been tested on 32 and 64 bit Win OS: XP, Vista, 7 and beta tested on Win 8.

In addition to C & C++ with v6.2 NetSim programming exercises now support Java based user codes.

Easier coding – More API’s and simpler debug

Several API’s have been added  in the standard version. These include RIP’s Distance Vector algorithm, Periodic, Expiration and Garbage Timers and OSPF’s Hello Packets, LSA Packets, Designated Router Selection, LSDB Formation and Djikstra’s Algorithm

All codes now take install directory and windows temp folder as Command line arguments and NetSim programming exercises now allow you put break points in your code and de-bug in runtime