TETCOS releases NetSim ver 6

TETCOS is happy to announce the latest release of Network Simulation Software, NetSim ver 6, which comes with several new and exciting features –

1. New Protocols: Wireless Sensor Network, Zigbee, CDMA and GSM

2. Sample Projects: Over 50 sample projects with C source code are available based on international papers. These serve as a guide for students to complete their term projects using NetSim.

3. Simulation API’s: NetSim features a set of library functions of carefully designed protocol primtives which serve as the protocol and simulation API’s. These library functions come with source code, can be called into the development environment and linked to run the protocol. Examples of library functions available in WSN include route formation, route reply, route error, slotted and unslotted CSMA, GTS, CCA, super frame formation, beacon transmission, phy layer and agent models.

4. Programming Language: NetSim’s development environment and primitive API’s are designed for users to write their codes in C. Users need not learn scripting languages, C ++, Java etc

5. Debugging Capability: A simulation can be started and then at user determined break points in the code users can perform debug using single-step, step-over, step-out and continue etc. This can be carried out at various abstraction levels, based on where the user code links, including at a per-packet level

Currently, NetSim is being actively used in over 250 institutions across the world and is featured with the book Computer Networks and Internets, V Edition, by Dr. Douglas Comer of Purdue University.